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Survey says 75% of retail leaders to boost post-purchase experience
Tue, 10th Oct 2023

As the retail peak season looms, 75% of retail leaders are preparing to invest in the post-purchase experience, according to a new survey conducted by Sorted. The findings also suggest that those who have not considered this investment risk falling behind the competition. Surveying 250 retail leaders across the UK, and excluding only 30% who have not seen post-purchase investment value, the study offers insights into retailers' strategy for the busiest sales period.

A significant 70% of retail leaders believe in the value of investing in the post-purchase experience. Moreover, 68% identify customer delivery experience as crucial to their business operations. This is despite the fact that an overwhelming 93% of consumers recognise its importance.

The data collected by Sorted also aligns with an Insider Intelligence report which showed that 71% of consumers changed brands at least once last year due to better deals and superior customer service. The retail leaders who participated in Sorted's survey cited improved customer satisfaction and loyalty as the main reasons for investing in the post-purchase experience.

“It’s encouraging that retail leaders are focusing their attention on post-purchase experiences ahead of peak season, and that those who have invested are reaping the benefits.” commented Carmen Carey, CEO of Sorted. “The post-purchase experience has become a vital aspect of the customer journey. Research earlier this year found that 78% of consumers wouldn’t shop with a brand again if the post-purchase experience was bad, and now we are fast approaching a period where this loyalty will be tested significantly. Businesses need to invest in these experiences effectively to ensure they remain competitive and are able to thrive this peak season – and beyond.”

She asserted that this was imperative for them to stay competitive, thrive and ensure their customer's loyalty is significantly tested during this period.

Sorted's Delivery Experience platform helps retailers provide exceptional delivery experiences and analyse post-purchase performance. Trusted by leading retail brands like ASOS and Asda, Sorted enables customers to track deliveries and return or exchange parcels effortlessly. Founded over a decade ago, it is recognised as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe by the Financial Times.

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