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Artificial Intelligence
The Warehouse's mobile app now uses AI to help 'Snap and Shop'
The Warehouse has dipped its toes into neural networking and artificial intelligence to make it easier for customers to ‘Snap and Shop’.
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Digital Transformation
Mobile apps are now a crucial part of event promotion
If you’re thinking of running an event, a mobile app is not just a nice feature but an essential part of event promotion.
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New Zealand Police
Smudge Apps: The Chch tech firm making a difference with NZ Police
The New Zealand Police has banished thousands of hours of paperwork thanks to a Christchurch tech company, Smudge Apps.
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Apple Supreme Court case could have ‘far-reaching ramifications’
A GlobalData analyst says that the outcome of the Apple v Pepper case could impact the app development market at all levels.
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Robotic pharmacies and mobile apps: How GPs will make sure you take your meds
The current healthcare system provides no way for doctors to check if patients or filling their prescriptions or taking their medicine on time.
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Network Security
Android apps can track network connections - is it time to use a VPN?
“Apps can monitor network activity even without requesting any sensitive permissions."
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Mobile Apps
OWASP vulnerabilities plague mobile apps: Data leakage a major concern
Across two million applications analysed by Pradeo’s security engine, almost one third of applications contained an OWASP vulnerability.
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Most NZers prefer to engage Govt online or via mobile apps – Unisys study
The Unisys Connected Government Survey provides insights into the attitudes of consumers toward digital government services.
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Commerce Systems
eCommerce apps - Worth the expense or a waste of time?
The eCommerce market in South Africa will amount to US$2.7 billion in 2017 with an annual expected growth rate of 14.2%.
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What’s up with Your mobile apps? Identifying and mitigating digital risk
I’ll venture to guess you’re using a mobile device to read this - while mobile apps offer a host of new opportunities, they also introduce risk.
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Technology can help schools communicate in an emergency
Technology can help educators meet standard operating procedures swiftly and effectively, cutting down response times.
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Oxfam Trailwalker event huge success with companion app
More than 1,000 participants braved the outdoors, with the goal of travelling 100km in 36 hours or 50km in 18 hours.
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Exclusive: SKY Sport Highlights app first look
"With the Highlights app, we believe we now have the tool to enhance our SKY Sport customers sporting experience.”
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Digital Marketing
An app for ads on your phone? Kiwi company spreads its wings
​Who would have thought that people would be willing to download an app that displays ads on their phones? Postr has secured $3m investment into APAC.
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Big things ahead for mobile app strategies in 2017
Previously a separate and isolated concern, mobility is becoming an embedded part of every application and digital product.
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Remote Working
Remote workforce grows more app-savvy, but email & phone remain kings
'Surprising' findings have been revealed about mobile workforces and the tools they prefer to use, and the results differ between generations.
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Artificial Intelligence
Aussie businesses are ignoring VR and AI, but the biggest surprise? They're ignoring mobile too
“Most marketing & IT departments have an idea of what they should be doing with digital but they ultimately struggle with the holistic tech outlook."
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Mobile app development is not just for coders and programmers
The growth of the rapid mobile app development (RMAD) market shows pent-up demand for coding-optional tools to build apps quickly & cost-effectively.
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Photo sharing
Kiwi developer's printing app scores Google Pay rights in Australia
Kiwi app developer MEA has swept its way into Australia through its Printicular app, which is now offering customers Android Pay to print photos.
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'Safety selfies' snap their way to workplace improvement
Health and safety is becoming less of a bore and more interactive, thanks to an app developer who is encouraging workplaces to use selfies.
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Mobile Apps
Digital media co 'migme' raises $10 million to secure mobile partnerships
ASX-listed digital media provider migme has had a busy month rebuilding its financing, raising $10 million in capital & partnering with SOSV and MOX.
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Uh oh Instagram, what have you gone and done?
The new feature allows users to share every moment with photos and videos all appearing in a slideshow format. Hmm, feels a little like déjà vu​..
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Periscope's new discovery features put on a show for your cameras
Avid Periscope users may have noticed a few changes to the video streaming app, including highlights, improved tabs & link embeds straight to Twitter.
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Payment gateways
BP's new mobile wallet app means helps you pay for fuel - and stay in your car
BP's new app means you can stay in your car to pay for fuel.. although you may still need to work the pump and grab that coffee the old-fashioned way.