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Shippit implements Apple Wallet Order Tracking for logistics
Tue, 12th Dec 2023

Shippit, a delivery platform transforming the logistics industry, has announced the implementation of Apple Wallet Order Tracking. This innovative integration will grant customers the capability to track online orders and receive real-time delivery updates in a secure and private manner through Apple Wallet. Shippit's integration of Apple's Order Tracking solution will greatly benefit thousands of their retail partners, providing them with an efficient method of transmitting secure and convenient delivery updates and tracking information.

Baby Bunting and R.M.Williams are among the initial batch of participating merchants enabling customers to monitor the status of their online orders in Apple Wallet. The seamless order tracking solution is set to ease customer service inquiries while enhancing customer confidence in data security and privacy. This feature notably benefits thousands of retailers who depend on Shippit for the delivery of millions of products to their customers annually.

Inga Latham, Chief Product Officer at Shippit, explains that the integration of Apple Wallet Order Tracking addresses the real issue of delivery anxiety among online customers. She says, "The volume of retail purchases that are made online has grown steadily over the last five years, and we expect it to grow exponentially over the next 10-20 years." Inga continues, "The integration of Apple Wallet Order Tracking represents an opportunity for us… to proactively alert consumers with real-time delivery information to their iPhone. Consumers today demand transparency and convenience, and we're continuing our mission to deliver that."

Shippit, since its inception in 2014, has played a pioneering role in the standardisation of delivery notifications in Australia, assuring customers of their order status via SMS and email updates. Latham emphasizes that the new integration with Apple Wallet will enable retailers to offer their customers peace of mind and build trust through the added security and privacy that it brings.

Once the ‘Track with Apple Wallet’ button is clicked within email notifications from the merchant, consumers can easily track their orders via Apple Wallet. Moreover, purchases made through Apple Pay will be automatically added to their wallet at the point of order confirmation, providing them with notifications whenever their order status is updated. The notable benefits include end-to-end encryption ensuring users' privacy from prying eyes, and the ease of tracking all orders in one secured place.

Commenting on the new integration, Mark Teperson, CEO & Managing Director from Baby Bunting, said, "Enabling Apple Wallet Order Tracking is a great next step in the evolution of Shippit's leading delivery platform. When our customers order from us, they expect an amazing product delivered exactly when we promise." Emily Anders, Head of Digital from R.M.Williams, also expressed approval by stating, "Through Shippit's integration of Apple Wallet Order Tracking, we're now able to provide the convenient, transparent and timely delivery that our customers deserve."

From 2021 onwards, Shippit has fulfilled over $9.4bn worth of e-commerce orders for thousands of retailers such as Kmart, Baby Bunting, Harvey Norman, Accent Group, and Temple & Webster. This innovative integration with the Apple Wallet Order Tracking proves to be a promising leap towards a digitalised shopping experience among consumers.