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Manhattan Associates unveils game-changing retail analytics tool
Wed, 24th Jan 2024

Manhattan Associates has announced the launch of its Fulfillment Experience Insights Dashboard, an unprecedented tool designed to enhance omnichannel retail fulfillment. This pioneering dashboard gives retailers real-time, comparative analysis of their fulfillment performance against industry peers.

The novel dashboard is anticipated to be transformative in the industry, offering continuous benchmarking and strategic insights previously impossible due to the delayed nature of traditional benchmarking tools. Retailers will benefit from real-time 'actuals versus actuals' comparison with a large pool of industry peers, a complete view of digital order fulfillment KPIs and the ability to quickly shift between varying timeframes for comprehensive analysis.

Amy Tennent, Senior Director of Product Management at Manhattan Associates, stated: “Introducing cutting-edge innovation like the Fulfillment Experience Insights Dashboard is one of the reasons Manhattan continues to be ranked the only leader in omnichannel order management. For the first time ever, retail operations teams can see exactly how they are performing against the rest of the industry. This is a complete game changer, because they now have a starting point to begin creating more efficiency and improving fulfilment performance for their customers.”

The comprehensive Fulfillment Experience Insights Dashboard has been designed as part of Manhattan Active Omni, providing retailers with a single view of digital order fulfillment KPIs. Retailers can evaluate, measure, and tweak their supply chain execution strategies via aggregated and anonymised data from the Manhattan Active cloud ecosystem. This unique analytical tool offers detailed insight into the experience a retailer delivers for their customers, further revolutionising the industry.

Manhattan Associates is uniquely positioned to develop this solution thanks to its extensive knowledge and experience in processing millions of orders every week for hundreds of the world’s top brands. It has successfully identified the key performance indicators crucial to boosting growth and maximising revenue, providing yet more value for its clients.

To further its dedication to offering comprehensive solutions for the retail industry, Manhattan has announced a strategic alliance with Shopify, a leading global commerce company. This collaboration seamlessly integrates Shopify’s robust commerce platform with Manhattan’s omnichannel order management capabilities, offering a more comprehensive and enriched shopping experience for customers. The combined solution also includes Manhattan’s post-purchase customer service tools, including digital self-service solutions that provide the visibility, flexibility and convenience required by today’s consumers.

Nautica, part of SPARC Group, is poised to be the first company to leverage this powerful synergy. Mike Dupuis, Chief Digital Officer for SPARC Group, stated: “By offering our customers the combination of Shopify’s fast and reliable commerce platform with Manhattan’s powerful order promising and post-purchase offerings, we are providing them unparalleled visibility and the industry’s premier end-to-end online shopping experience.”

The integration with Shopify will undoubtedly enhance consumers' online shopping experiences, providing more accurate product location and delivery information and global inventory visibility for brands. The move promises to streamline the supply chain process, as per the enthusiasm expressed by Bobby Morrison, Chief Revenue Officer at Shopify. Morrison stated: “We’re thrilled about teaming up with Manhattan as it's a significant step forward in transforming supply chain operations for enterprise commerce. This is groundbreaking in today's fiercely competitive landscape, and we're excited to provide commerce solutions that will ultimately enhance unified shopping experiences for consumers.”