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Integral Ad Science launches Quality Attention measurement tool
Fri, 5th Jan 2024

Integral Ad Science, the global media measurement and optimisation expert has unveiled its ground-breaking Quality Attention measurement product, offering a unique integration of media quality, eye-tracking, and machine-learning technology. This product will allow advertisers to significantly enhance campaign performance and deliver demonstrable results by capturing greater human attention.

The Quality Attention measurement product uses advanced machine learning, actionable data from Lumen Research's eye-tracking technology, and a range of signals obtained through IAS's core technology. Factors such as viewability, ad situation, and user interaction are incorporated and converted into a single attention score.

The sophisticated IAS attention model is designed to predict whether an ad impression is more likely to lead to a favourable business outcome, such as heightened awareness, increased consideration, and successful conversion.

Yannis Dosios, Chief Commercial Officer at Integral Ad Science, stated: "Bold actions are required in attention measurement to secure superior results for advertisers."

"Our Quality Attention solution is skilfully developed to help brands and agencies navigate the congested media environment and effortlessly understand how factors such as media visibility, ad setting, and customer engagement impact the efficacy of campaigns."

"Our studies demonstrate that brands focusing on driving higher IAS attention scores can obtain up to a 130% boost in conversion rates, generating better return on their investment," said Dosios. 

The Quality Attention model provides global advertisers with impressive features. An advanced machine learning model provides advertisers with integrated insights into a campaign's attention performance, which is based on data from billions of impressions and millions of conversion events. It has been demonstrated to augment conversion rates by up to 130% when comparing high-attention impressions with lower-attention ones; greater attention scores have facilitated a 91% increase in brand consideration and a staggering 166% hike in purchase intent.

Additionally, IAS has achieved a first in combining one of the world's largest consumer attention biometric data sets with media quality metrics, providing an unparalleled reflection of attention for international advertisers.

Global healthcare giant Sanofi, which has joined forces with IAS to move beyond conventional means of measuring media performance, has voiced its enthusiasm regarding the partnership.

Anna Kechekmadze, Global Digital Media Lead at Sanofi CHC, said, "We are aware that ad clutter not only leads to a frustrating consumer experience but also correlates with attention and carbon footprint. Our partnership with IAS on Quality Attention is providing us valuable insights into how attention can help reduce ad fatigue, improve inventory quality and enhance media KPIs."

The collaboration between IAS and Lumen Research first emerged in 2023 to revolutionise how digital advertising impressions are gauged for attention-based advertising. Now, IAS customers have a more potent tool to accurately track which ad impressions have attracted attention and are likely to generate business results.

Mike Follett, CEO at Lumen Research, remarked, "We are thrilled about the evolution of our collaboration with IAS, as it offers advertisers a transparent and more precise picture of attention. By integrating our leading-edge eye-tracking data into IAS's attention model, we can present advertisers with the most robust predictive attention models at scale."