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Inbuilding coverage technology reshapes retail customer experience
Mon, 16th Oct 2023

Retailers are increasingly realising the importance of in-building coverage technology in enhancing customer experiences. The technology, specifically improved mobile network connectivity within retail stores, has revolutionised customer experience by facilitating enhanced connectivity, personalisation, payment convenience, and integrating online and offline shopping experiences, among other benefits.

By enhancing connectivity, inbuilding coverage technology allows customers access to reliable mobile network connectivity even within large and crowded retail stores. This makes it easier for customers to stay connected to the internet, access product information, compare prices, read reviews, and interact with the store’s mobile app, thereby empowering them to make more informed purchasing decisions.

The technology also makes it easier for customers to make mobile payments through options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Flexible Instalment Payment Apps or various other mobile wallets. This way, customers can make quick and secure transactions without the need to stand in long queues, improving the overall shopping experience.

With better connectivity, retailers can gather real-time data on customer behaviour within their stores. The data can be utilised to personalise offers and recommendations and create targeted marketing campaigns based on individual preferences and shopping patterns. Moreover, in-building coverage technology allows retailers to implement mobile applications that assist customers in finding products, navigating the store layout, or accessing customer support.

The technology is also being used to facilitate the implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences within retail stores. This allows customers to virtually try on clothes, visualise furniture in their homes, or experience products in unique ways, enhancing the overall shopping experience and increasing customer engagement.

Through inbuilding coverage technology, retailers can increasingly support mobile loyalty programs and allows customers to easily participate in these programs through their smartphones. This enables customers to collect rewards, access exclusive offers, and receive personalised loyalty rewards, incentivising repeat visits and fostering customer loyalty.

David Birch, Head of Customer Experience at Progility Technologies, said, "Overall, inbuilding coverage has transformed the traditional retail experience into a more connected, personalised, and convenient journey for customers. By leveraging technology to bridge the digital and physical aspects of shopping, retailers can build stronger relationships with customers and adapt to their evolving needs and preferences more effectively."

Birch added, "It’s time to turn the page to a new chapter of the retail experience, where smartphones and appropriate coverage create unforgettable shopping experiences. This is where Progility Technologies can support you and your business on this important transition."

Progility Technologies, an Australian information communication technology partner, offers robust solutions and ongoing support for optimising the performance of ICT systems. The company has delivered many first-of-its-kind technologies in Australia and operates in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, with approximately 85 staff.