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CybeReady highlights five key defences against Black Friday cybercrime surge
Tue, 21st Nov 2023

CybeReady, a global innovator in security awareness training, has outlined five crucial initiatives to strengthen defences against the expected surge in cybercriminal activity coinciding with Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. These measures aim to preserve personal and corporate data integrity during the peak online shopping season.

The company warns that the spell from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday is notoriously rife with augmented cybercriminal tactics. A marked rise this year in reported fraudulent activities indicates that the risks associated with email scams, ransomware, e-commerce infrastructure attacks, and data skimming are unprecedentedly high.

In an effort to safeguard organisations and individuals amidst this elevated threat landscape, CybeReady recommends engaging in five core defences:

Firstly, profound cyber risk assessments are of paramount importance to ensure the digital environment's integrity. These assessments should include exhaustive checks on e-commerce platforms for potential vulnerabilities, such as outdated software or insecure data transfer channels.

Secondly, a tailored cybersecurity plan for Black Friday is needed. This plan calls for collaboration between marketing and security teams to enhance website security and facilitate authentic customer communication.

Thirdly, comprehensive automated data security and compliance monitoring through automated security tools are essential for identifying and responding to threats in real-time. It is also advised to use AI-driven systems for abnormal access pattern detection.

Fourthly, regular updates of web applications and plugins are also key in mitigating the risks, closing known vulnerabilities and preventing attacks.

Lastly, it is essential to promote safe online shopping practices amongst employees, providing education on phishing risks and underlining the necessity of verifying the authenticity of websites and apps.

CybeReady has created a free Black Friday CISO Toolkit to help structure corporate defence strategies. The toolkit recommends practising certain safety habits to employees – such as typing URLs manually, using official shopping applications, checking for secure website markers such as a lock next to a URL, using safe third-party payment methods, avoiding clicking on links in after-purchase communications, and regular checks on financial accounts for any unsolicited transactions.

Michal Gil, Head of Product at CybeReady, emphasises the continuous threat of cyberattacks, particularly during events with heightened online activity, such as Black Friday. The focus goes beyond securing transactions to preserving the trust and integrity of businesses in the eyes of consumers. By following the provided guidance, organisations can enhance their preparedness to address and conquer the evolving challenges posed by cyber threats during such events.

Michal Gil says: "While the threat of cyberattack is omnipresent throughout the year, it is especially high during events with increased online activity like Black Friday."

"It's not just about safeguarding transactions but also about maintaining the trust and integrity of businesses in the eyes of consumers. With this guidance, organisations can effectively be better prepared to face and overcome these emerging cyber challenges."