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Consumers want speed, visibility in return for brand loyalty
Fri, 1st Jul 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The E-Commerce boom continues to enhance the customer shopping experience, with extensive order visibility and speed the most important factors for turning one-off customers into loyal, long-term buyers, according to new research from SOTI.

Looking into the latest retail trends, SOTI's study, From Clicks to Ships: Navigating the Global Supply Chain Crisis 2022 Report, revealed a significant change in consumer buying behaviours and expectations in the online retail space, with 72% expecting to know where their order is within the delivery process at all times. Additionally, 63% of Australian consumers said they would only continue to shop with retailers that delivered goods the fastest.

Retailers offering reputable delivery partners, order return points and shorter delivery times tend to attract loyal and return consumers. With the return process often frustrating consumers when online shopping, 52% said they were more likely to shop from a retailer offering multiple return points.

Likewise, a retailer's choice of delivery partners can limit potential sales, with 32% of consumers choosing to abandon an online purchase if they did not like the associated delivery company. For most consumers, this distrust in delivery companies stems from slow, untracked delivery experiences. In fact, 66% of Australian consumers said short delivery timeframes and delivery tracking were the most important factors when online shopping.

“It is clear the way consumers shop online has fundamentally changed in the past few years, and as our research has shown, there are critical factors retailers need to be offering in return for long-term business,” says Michael Dyson, VP of Sales, APAC at SOTI.

“With better order speeds, efficient and trusted delivery partners, and full visibility to track and trace orders throughout the delivery journey, retailers will see new customers and a continuing stream of returning and long-term customers.

Delivery speed is often highest on the list of consumer priorities, and a diversity of delivery options is not far behind. Shop-to-front-door delivery (55%), in-home delivery by any method (64%), car boot delivery (49%) and designated drop-off point delivery (26%) are among the most wanted delivery options for online shoppers in Australia. When asked if delivery to a car boot, wherever it is parked, was offered more frequently by retailers in 2022, 49% of consumers said they would use it.

Platforms for online shopping are also expanding, with 51% of Australian consumers completing purchases from retailers through online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay; a trend which continues to build traction in the E-Commerce space. In addition to marketplaces, 80% of Australian shoppers make online purchases through retailers' social media platforms, central websites or mobile applications.

“The more omnichannel processes retailers provide, the more customers and revenue they will bring in. With more online options to choose from, today's consumers can compare prices and sales and browse multiple different retail websites at the same time," says Dyson.

"With this multitude of channels and the popularity of sales channels such as online and social media marketplaces, retailers would be wise to ensure their brands have a spot on these platforms."

Staying up-to-date with mobile technology is crucial to meet customer expectations. For example, SOTI MobiControl, an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, can help retailers stay on top of issues regarding customer purchases. As previously mentioned, customers value reliable, regular updates throughout the delivery process, from the warehouse to the truck. Retailers can optimise an EMM solution to deliver these updates and keep customers happy. Using the right technology, retailers will thrive in the ever-changing world of retail and stay ahead of consumer expectations.