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AVASK unveils strategic growth plans with new CEO at the helm
Thu, 14th Dec 2023

AVASK, a renowned force in e-commerce solutions, has revealed plans for strategic growth, further solidifying its position as a major player in cross-border expansion. This development has been marked by the appointment of their new Chief Executive Officer, Bojan Gajic, former Executive of Helium 10, known for his astute vision and proficiency in scaling technology-centric e-commerce solutions.

The appointment of Gajic is anticipated to hasten AVASK's expansion in the global market, augmenting its momentum. Alongside this reinvention, AVASK has announced the internalisation of EU VAT and Customs services, marking a significant enhancement of its Logistics capabilities. The company is resolutely revising its focus on comprehensive service improvement, particularly the acceleration in providing customer value through effective and inventive use of technology.

Gajic brings a copious wealth of experience, heralding a fresh era for AVASK. Having spent two decades driving the success of technology businesses in the e-commerce sector, Gajic is commended for his customer-centric approach that aligns syncopatedly with the founding principles of Dr Angelos Katsaris and Melanie Shabangu. Gajic's role will be pivotal in continuing to bridge the transatlantic gap between marketplaces, delivering a seamless cross-border experience for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Co-founder of AVASK, Dr Angelos Katsaris, welcomed the appointment of Gajic, stating: "Bojan's leadership is a significant catalyst in our journey towards global market dominance. His expertise in software development and e-commerce will be instrumental in advancing our technological edge, providing our clients with sophisticated and tailored global expansion solutions."

Gajic shared his enthusiasm about joining the AVASK team and says: "I am excited about the opportunity to help AVASK continue to execute on the commitment to serve the e-commerce community by reducing the friction of cross-border expansion and allowing brands to focus on making great products available to buyers in Europe, North America and beyond. We will internalise the cross-border trade complexity, making the deep and broad expertise of AVASK's team more readily available to businesses eager to succeed."

This strategic plan heralds AVASK's dedicated commitment to maintaining its leadership role in supporting e-commerce businesses globally. With these advancements, AVASK seeks to foster new partnerships and strengthen existing ones, aiming for shared growth and success on the international stage.