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Zitcha partners with tyresales to optimise retail media networks
Mon, 16th Oct 2023

Zitcha, the world-leading Retail Media Platform, has been chosen by tyresales to upgrade their retail media networks both online and offline. This significant appointment will allow brand advertisers to utilise valuable first-party data in driving optimum advertising campaigns and enhancing their marketing return on investment (ROI).

The announcement follows a competitive tender process which saw Zitcha selected to manage the onsite media of tyresales, as well as offsite channels, including widely-used web platforms Meta, Google, and YouTube. Furthermore, with the use of first-party and audience data provided by tyresales' retail media network, brand partners can now increase sales efficiency. This exciting development is further bolstered by the closed-loop sales attribution, providing clear evidence of returns on advertising expenditure.

Since its inception, tyresales has sought to transform the tyre buying process into one which combines affordability and simplicity with an emphasis on honesty, trust, convenience, and value. Tyresales' general manager, Gavin Cachia expressed his enthusiasm for the recent collaboration: "As we expand our retail media network, the addition of Zitcha reflects our commitment to provide a comprehensive, data-driven retail media platform for partners while delivering an enhanced and more targeted experience for customers. The potential to leverage our data is sizeable, making attribution reporting more precise. We look forward to working with the Zitcha team."

Riding on the retail media surge, Tyresales joins Zitcha's growing portfolio, which includes recent alliances with Village Cinemas, Liquorland, and The Warehouse Group, the largest retail group in New Zealand. This alliance aims at generating incremental revenues while also providing brand partners with robust options for effectively reaching their customers.

Nick Hinsley, Zitcha's Chief Revenue Officer, highlighted the significance of this partnership: "Tyresales is an innovative online retailer that is disrupting the automotive market to offer a more convenient experience for customers. Brand advertisers can now optimise campaign planning for better targeting and marketing returns, while monetising their underused media channels."

Zitcha offers a unique platform that integrates a retailer's onsite, offsite, and in-store media assets, creating scalable and unified retail media networks. The vision is clear: to make Retail Media better for everyone by facilitating the creation of personalised and impactful sales experiences enabled by first-party data from retailers.