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Vodafone invests $20 million in technology-focused retail revamp
Thu, 21st Dec 2023

Vodafone has revealed an investment of more than $20 million over the last two years in efforts to rejuvenate its retail operations with a technology-centric design and revitalised customer interactions.

This extensive retail revamp is aimed at better addressing the increasing demand for Vodafone's products, services and superior customer experiences with a contemporary and functional aesthetic backed by a digital-first attitude.

Russell Turner, General Manager Consumer Sales at Vodafone, detailed the transformation. He said: "We have transformed our retail footprint to give our customers an easy-to-navigate, and digitally-advanced experience. As our customers’ needs change, we are evolving with them."

Turner continues, "Our mobile network has tripled in 5G coverage over the last three years, meaning our customers are experiencing our fastest and most reliable network ever. These changes to our stores represent a new chapter for our retail offering alongside our great value and best-in-class service. We can’t wait for more of our customers to experience Vodafone firsthand."

A total of 21 new and improved Vodafone retail shops have been launched in 2023, across nearly all states and territories, with further plans in progress for the remainder of the year and throughout 2024.

The distinctive red hues of the stores have been updated with a fresh and minimalist aesthetic. Printed promotional signs have been swapped with digital ribbons, reflecting a more sustainable and tech-forward approach.

In a bid to elevate the customer shopping experience, Vodafone has initiated new areas within its stores, including a Home Connect Area. This designated zone caters to Australians' increasing home internet needs and essentials. Additionally, stores now feature dedicated sections for the latest mobile devices from global brands like Apple and Samsung.

Public WIFI has been made available in all stores while more spacious locations offer the public a spot to sit and recharge. Customers are also invited to trial Vodafone’s broadband service or merely stop by to relax amidst their shopping activities.

In anticipation of the Christmas rush, the telecommunications company has launched new store additions, including Vodafone Norwood in South Australia, Cranbourne Park in Victoria, and Kawana in Queensland.

These new developments signal a proactive approach by Vodafone to meet customer needs while future-proofing their operational landscape.

Vodafone Australia is a telecommunications brand offering mobile and fixed broadband services. Vodafone 5G is now rolling out in selected areas of major Australian cities. The company is is part of the TPG Telecom Group.