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Video: 10 Minute IT Jams - Who is Marketplacer?
Fri, 10th Dec 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

TechDay's 10 Minute IT Jams provide sharp, to-the-point insights into emerging and established technology companies that operate in the Asia-Pacific region.

This week we are speaking with Marketplacer executive chair Jason Wyatt, about the work Marketplacer is doing to help businesses thrive by utilising the company's landmark, consumer focused technology.

Marketplacer is a leader in helping form effective online marketplace strategies across a wide range of sectors.

Jason joins us to discuss:

  • The importance of a marketplace strategy and how businesses can adapt to suit the digital age.
  • How technology can help businesses scale up.
  • Recent Marketplacer success stories and the consumer-centric approach needed to create effective solutions.