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Shiseido partners with Amperity to accelerate first-party data strategy
Fri, 4th Aug 2023

Amperity, the enterprise customer data platform (CDP) for consumer brands, has been selected by beauty company Shiseido Americas Corporation as the foundation of its first-party data strategy to help create connected and personalised digital customer experiences across all its brands. 

As consumer shopping preferences and behaviours evolve, Shiseido Americas needed a comprehensive solution to combine and manage multiple data sources across its various brands to advance its marketing goals. 

Shiseido Americas discovered that Amperity is the only platform that combines data from all online and offline touchpoints, including pre-purchase, point-of-sale, and post-purchase customer care to create unified customer profiles. 

“As an omnichannel retailer, we are laser-focused on understanding our customers and the channels they want to interact in, while ensuring we are delivering consistent customer experiences,” says Kristin Morseman, senior vice president for Americas digital transformation at Shiseido Americas. “With Amperity, we can unify and activate all of our customer data with the goal of creating a seamless omnichannel journey for our customers."

Amperity's patented, AI-powered identity resolution and unified customer profiles build a complete customer view, enabling Shiseido Americas to target shoppers with affinity-based, personalised communications throughout their journey.

“The luxury beauty market is at the forefront of digital innovation, and they are finding unique ways of using data to gain a competitive edge in an omnichannel retail environment,” said Barry Padgett, chief executive officer at Amperity. “By partnering with Amperity, Shiseido Americas now has the critical data foundation required to enable them to deliver real-time personalised customer experiences across in-store and digital worlds.”

Padgett says that Amperity is the only AI-powered, end-to-end CDP built to transform first-party data into business value. "Power next-level acquisition and retention through accurate personalisation based on an unrivalled approach to identity resolution and data unification. Reduce risk and increase accuracy and control by using your first party data instead of paying extra for third-party data that's often incomplete and non-compliant. Build a data hub that connects to the tools your teams need to power up marketing, analytics, customer service, and beyond."

“Our platform creates a unified view, is usable for everyone and helps fuel your stack. Identify and understand your customers with a holistic view of their brand interactions. Accelerate time to value by giving teams in marketing, analytics, IT and more access to the data they need. Trusted, reliable customer data source that connects to all the marketing and technology investments.”

“We have a high-performance data ingestion engine which ingests raw data in any format, with easy adjustment of data sources and no rigid ETLs. It can securely handle billions of interactions every day. Moreover, the ingestion is real-time so that the customer profiles are always fresh and powers the most relevant experiences.”

“In addition, Amperity connects seamlessly with the leading tools for marketing, analytics, customer service, and data management, pulling data in and pushing customer profiles out to wherever they need to be, for the systems clients rely on.”