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Invoke AI launches Enterprise version for businesses to train AI models
Fri, 5th Jan 2024

Atlanta-based Invoke AI, a renowned developer of open-source generative artificial intelligence (AI) software, has launched a new Enterprise version specifically devised for businesses. This innovation uniquely enables companies to train AI image generation models using their confidential intellectual property (IP), thereby protecting proprietary rights over their creations.

The Enterprise version of Invoke AI comes as a highly-anticipated development in the wake of increasing concerns over data ownership in AI models. As businesses lean into the application of AI for various creative industries, be it art, film and television, gaming, fashion, product design, or architecture, Invoke AI offers a platform that ensures complete control over their unique creations.

Available on an accessible cloud-based application, Invoke AI's Enterprise software allows creative teams to integrate AI image generation models, specifically trained on their proprietary IP, into crucial business production workflows. The models are available exclusively to authorised users, ensuring stringent control over who can access the data.

Results of a recent survey by MIT Technology Review revealed that nearly all the organisations that participated consider generative AI as a driving force in their operations. Nevertheless, only 9% have fully incorporated a generative AI application within their infrastructure. This revelation propels Invoke's cause as it provides a secure platform to leverage the power of generative AI.

Kent Keirsey, the Invoke AI Founder and CEO, shares that Invoke Enterprise aims to encourage more businesses to take advantage of AI in their creative processes. "Our platform and open source foundation ensure that companies and creative teams can begin to securely deploy generative AI to their most valuable and sensitive production workflows while maintaining complete ownership over the models and anything that they produce."

Invoke Enterprise is designed to allow creative teams to generate AI within protected environments. Enterprises retain complete ownership of the custom models created using Invoke's openly licensed foundational models and are assured of their secure maintenance. Each model and its outputs are secured with layers of enterprise-grade protection, guaranteeing customer content cannot be used in training other models.

Beyond its offering, Invoke also enables its users to import and work with popular image-generation models from Hugging Face, a known repository of openly licensed image-generation models.

Invoke's Enterprise software further extends its security features to include role-based access control, multi-user management, single-tenant infrastructure, single sign-on (SSO) support, and custom settings for project spaces, all designed to foster production environments which are secure, IP-appropriate and personalised to fit individual workflows.

In the spirit of encouraging widespread use of AI in the creative process, aside from the Enterprise solution, Invoke AI plans to introduce models for independent users and smaller teams. This initiative aims to facilitate and encourage such users to utilise publicly available image generation models while ensuring they retain absolute control and ownership of their creations.

Invoke, which has built a reputation as a leader in AI image generation and diffusion models, has seen its Community Edition downloaded by hundreds of thousands of creatives across a broad spectrum of industries since its open-source project began in 2022.