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InfoTrack’s new platform fosters real estate transparency
Fri, 28th Apr 2023

InfoTrack has launched a new digital platform, Securexchange, that makes the process of purchasing property more transparent.

New South Wales is the first Australian state to try the new platform, which gives real estate agents and buyers in the region a platform that allows all parties to view a contract, sign and exchange documents, and request funds in a single secure environment.

The platform allows buyers to scan a QR code to review a property’s contract and share it with their legal representative to make an offer.

Further, it offers a new mobile dashboard that will offer real estate agents the means to review and proceed with offers on the go.

Lee Bailie, Head of Property Australia for InfoTrack, notes that having a single secure location to run the whole buying process is the next step in e-conveyancing.

“We often hear that real estate agents, buyers, vendors, and conveyancers want more transparency throughout a property sale, and that’s what we’re focused on delivering with the new Securexchange dashboard,” Bailie says.

“We know agents are busy people, and this dashboard allows them to review all offers in one place, at any time on their phone.

“The dashboard provides an overall picture of the offers being made and an indication of the most committed buyer.

“All parties will be notified throughout each step of the transaction, with offers confirmed digitally, and a copy of the completed contract automatically supplied."

The technology is getting a positive reaction from real estate agents, too, who are welcoming the ease of seeing offers, determining the most serious buyer and carrying out a transaction all in one place.

Adrian Simpson, the Principal of Coastwide First National Real Estate, has been trialling the new Securexchange dashboard for six months and says it’s been greatly received by everyone in the selling and buying process.

“It has been designed specifically for the sales process and is the only system I have seen that offers a simple structure to walk the buyers through the whole transaction – from requesting a contract, to making an offer, and then signing the documents to complete the deal,” Simpson says.

“The feedback I’ve received from clients is that it makes the process easy, and they can complete documents from anywhere at any time, offering greater flexibility and speed.

“I can easily see where all parties are up to at any time, and the ability to do it from anywhere at any time enables me as an agent to be in control, cutting out any delays in getting the deal done.”