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Hisense Australia expands ConnectLife smart appliance range in 2024
Fri, 12th Jan 2024

Hisense Australia is set to introduce a broader range of ConnectLife-enabled smart home appliances in the Australian market throughout 2024. The announcement follows demonstrations of innovations across the kitchen, living areas and home ecosystem presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024.

ConnectLife, Hisense's proprietary smart home app, provides management and monitoring of compatible smart appliances directly from any Apple iOS or Android smartphone. The app simplifies appliance control while tracing home energy and water usage, adding convenience and efficiency for users.

Hisense has optimised the potential of the ConnectLife Smart Home ecosystem by integrating it with their newly launched 2024 TV and Laser range. By utilising their in-house operating system, VIDAA, Hisense TVs can manage the entire home ecosystem, providing a comprehensive smart home experience.

Gideon Lui, Head of Marketing at Hisense ANZ, stated, "Since the introduction of ConnectLife in Australia, we have seen our customers enjoy an array of benefits from smart home integration for compatible Hisense fridges, washer/dryers, and air conditioning systems along with better energy and water management that can help save on utilities bills."

Australia will see the integration of ConnectLife in the 2024 Hisense TV range for the first time ever. The integration will bring a new level of connectivity across the entire Hisense TV range. Lui noted, "In 2024, we will be extending the opportunity for integrated experiences with a broader range of ConnectLife features including our new TV range."

The CES 2024 demonstrations presented an expanded range of ConnectLife-enabled products, part of Hisense’s core focus on smart home connectivity. The new products, including an upgraded line-up of refrigerators, dishwashers, and laundry appliances, are set to be available in Australia later in 2024.

In alignment with the growing popularity of smart home devices in Australia, Hisense has reiterated its commitment to the Matter platform by showcasing Matter-certified devices. These devices will be launched in Australia in the future.

Hisense also offered a glimpse into the future of cooking and home automation with the novel ProChef@Home experience. This concept proposes a wholly integrated living experience centred around cooking, with features ranging from customising recipes to accommodating dietary restrictions and preferences.

The concept imagines a future where Hisense connected appliances work in tandem with smart home devices to turn favourite TV cookery shows into real-life meals. Lui said, "We are working towards a future where our customers experience the very best in connected devices that go beyond their individual functions to deliver an intuitive, convenient, and unified experience."

The ProChef@Home platform, though currently purely conceptual, will bring a new level of convenience to the kitchen. ConnectLife-enabled fridges will be capable of checking inventory and placing orders for missing ingredients, with appliances that can be started remotely, provide step-by-step recipe guidance, and send notifications to the TV informing users when their meal is ready.