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Employment Hero hits $100bn global payroll, expands to 144 countries
Tue, 13th Feb 2024

Employment Hero, the Australian employment management platform, has announced a significant milestone, processing over $100bn in payroll globally and serving approximately 20% of Australia's private businesses. The company's innovative employer of record service, Global Teams, has expanded to 144 countries, benefiting businesses looking to build remote teams based on skill rather than location.

In addition to employer services, Employment Hero also supports over 300,000 businesses and 2.5 million employees by simplifying HR and payroll processes. The company has also developed Swag, an employment superapp intended to support employees and job seekers at various stages of their career journey. The app is designed to be an essential part of the broad employment ecosystem that Employment Hero has devised over the past decade.

Swag, the world's first employment superapp, features resources aimed at both employees and job seekers. Ben Thompson, the Founder and CEO of Employment Hero, suggests this is just the start. "We’re now processing over $100bn in wages globally each year, but this is only the beginning. We are continuing to invest in increased automation, to make it even easier for hundreds of thousands of SMEs on our platform to hire and onboard talent," he states.

Swag has introduced its latest feature, the SmartMatch, which utilises a free AI-backed tool designed to connect job seekers with their ideal roles, providing employers a pipeline of prescreened, perfectly matched talent. David Holland, Managing Director of Swag, Employment Hero, explained that this new technology "anticipates and aligns the needs of both employers and employees, heralding a new era of data-driven and proactive recruitment."

Mr. Holland further elaborated, "For SMEs we are providing employment-as-a-service and for job seekers we are making their employment easier and more valuable. By solving recruitment for both sides of the employment marketplace with SmartMatch, Employment Hero is positioned as the clear leader in human capital management (HCM), achieving what no competitor in our space has."

Through Swag, employees can leverage several features to make their pay cheques stretch further, from discounts with brands such as Adore Beauty and HelloFresh to savings on essential items like gas and electricity bills with Simply Energy. Users can also take advantage of Swag's InstaPay feature that offers real-time wage access, giving employees additional financial power without impacting their employer's cash flow.

"By facilitating real-time salaries globally, we can harness the $100bn combined spending power of the 2+ million employees being paid through Employment Hero to negotiate preferential rates, from substantial discounts on their weekly shop to utility bills and insurance, saving hundreds of dollars every year," Thompson adds.

As Employment Hero continues to leverage its community strength, the company is positive that they can bring about a noticeable shift in the global financial fabric, benefiting employers, employees, and job seekers simultaneously.