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Eagle Eye launches EagleAI for grocery, retail personalisation
Mon, 15th Jan 2024

Eagle Eye, a global expert in executing loyalty, personalised promotions, and omnichannel marketing solutions, has launched EagleAI, an AI-powered data science solution crafted for the grocery and retail sectors. The platform aims to assist retailers and grocers worldwide in personalising customer experiences, improving promotional spending, boosting ROI, and facilitating genuine one-to-one engagement to heighten customer loyalty.

EagleAI accomplishes personalisation by harnessing machine learning and AI to design individually tailored offers. Rather than curate a set of best-fit offers from a limited pool, the platform's innovation lies in its ability to focus on individual customer wants and needs, setting a new benchmark in retail personalisation.

Tim Mason, CEO of Eagle Eye, said, "We believe that personalisation is the retail version of the Golden Rule, treating people as they would like to be treated, and with EagleAI, retailers can put this into practice in a real, scalable, efficient way."

EagleAI operates by connecting and organising customer data across various touchpoints. At the platform's core is an array of machine-learning algorithms that consider a multitude of factors, such as product affinity, shopping predictions, and promotional responsiveness. These algorithms work synchronously to create the right offers for the right individuals, leading to a level of personalisation at a scale unmatched by other retail marketing platforms.

"The combination of creating offers for individuals and the ability to execute them in real-time and at scale makes EagleAI unique and powerful," commented Mason.

EagleAI was conceived by Eagle Eye following its acquisition of Untie Nots, a Paris-based SaaS company acclaimed for its AI capabilities, in early 2023. Under the Eagle Eye Group umbrella, EagleAI capitalises on Untie Nots team expertise, Eagle Eye's AIR platform prowess, and Google Cloud technology, such as Vertex AI.

Zyed Jamoussi, co-founder of Untie Nots, stated, "Our vision for EagleAI is to empower businesses to personalise the end-to-end customer experience while maximising ROI."

The platform is designed to generate win-win situations. However, the ultimate victors are the consumers who benefit from unique and entirely personalised promotions. According to data from McKinsey, 71% of consumers anticipate personalisation, and 76% feel disgruntled when it is not delivered.

"By optimising customer communications and putting customers at the centre of decision-making by understanding their needs and crafting relevant offers and marketing, EagleAI helps create more rewarding connections and deeper relationships between retailers and their customers," re-emphasised Jamoussi.

EagleAI is also envisaged as a tool to build upon retailer-supplier relationships by providing suppliers an innovative way to cultivate customer loyalty, expand share of wallet, attract new customers, encourage cross and upsell activity, as well as introduce new products.

"I am hugely excited by this opportunity and by the work that Zyed and his brilliant team will do to enable current and future clients to unlock the full potential of their customer data," said Mason.