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DFS and Ant Group launch strategic global cooperation
Wed, 2nd Aug 2023

DFS Group and Ant Group have formed a global strategic cooperation to enhance payments and marketing digitalisation across DFS' network of retail and online stores. 

As consumer habits shift towards digital lifestyles, DFS will leverage Alipay+ to offer an end-to-end digital experience, engaging with its customers pre, during and post-shopping across 36 stores in 15 markets and 12 online shops in 4 markets.

Alipay+ is a suite of global cross-border digital payments and marketing solutions designed to enable businesses to process various mobile payment methods. Alipay+ has reached 1 billion regional and international consumers through one-time integration and simple technical adaption. 

In addition to payments, Alipay+ also provides a suite of marketing solutions to help merchants reach and engage with consumers.

DFS integrating Alipay+ as a payment option will enable travellers from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong SAR, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea and Thailand to pay using their home mobile wallet, enjoying greater convenience, security and better foreign exchange rates. 

For the Chinese market, DFS has also launched Alipay+ D-Store within the Alipay app. Alipay+ D-Store is a digital store solution that provides a suite of toolkits to digitalise merchants' business, operation and marketing. This allows Chinese tourists to shop from DFS anytime, including reserving their favourite products and collecting them in-store or having them delivered.

Long Chiu, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing and Digital Ventures DFS Group, says: "This alliance with Ant Group is not just about numbers and statistics; it's about creating a seamless and exceptional experience for travellers and shoppers." 

"Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction will be elevated to new heights through this collaboration." 

"With Ant's expertise and our passion for innovation and providing unforgettable services, there is no doubt that we will achieve remarkable success together," says Chiu. 

DFS and Alipay are developing innovative membership privileges such as tier-matching, premier foreign exchange rates and projects that provide exclusive in-store experience. Moreover, Within Alipay and Alipay+ partner wallets' apps, DFS will offer more targeted, personalised and relevant rewards for shoppers, including exclusive offers.

Since DFS' and Ant Group's partnership in 2014, their cooperation has transformed from Alipay acceptance in Hong Kong SAR to payment and digital marketing innovation worldwide. In the first half of 2023, spending by Alipay users increased three times at DFS stores compared to the year before.

Dr Cherry Huang, General Manager of Alipay+ Offline Merchant Services, Ant Group, says: "We are excited to strengthen our partnership with DFS, evolving to now incorporating more mobile wallets, marketing capabilities and D-Store online-offline integration via Alipay+."

"DFS is a favourite retail destination amongst tourist right at the beginning and end of their trip, and we believe this partnership will sweeten travellers' experience." 

"As travel resumes, we aim to help more brands cater to these new digital-first habits and drive continued visibility and growth for them," says Huang. 

The expanded partnership comes as global travel resumes. Consumers today have greater expectations of digital experiences, driven by the strong adoption of mobile wallets, that will shape travel and retail experience, making it vital for brands to adapt to these new needs. 

Through the end of 2023, DFS and Alipay+ will jointly launch the Summer Campaign, the National Day Holiday Campaign, and the Christmas and New Year Campaign, offering shoppers an enhanced digital experience.