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Decision Inc. expands offering with SnapLogic partnership
Tue, 2nd May 2023

Independent data and analytics consultancy company Decision Inc. has announced that it has a new partnership with SnapLogic, a leader in intelligent integration and enterprise automation.

The partnership will enable Decision Inc. to expand its data transformation offering to businesses in the retail, FMCG, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics sectors.

"With digital driving almost every activity, companies are faced with a veritable deluge of customer data. However, when it's scattered across systems at multiple levels of the business, it's about as useful as a chocolate teapot," says Aiden Heke, CEO, Decision Inc. Australia. 

"Through this partnership with SnapLogic, our customers will benefit from a complete and up-to-date data integration and analytics solution. This connective tissue between sources will allow them to make sense of their data and use it to drive real results in a simple yet sophisticated way."

If, for example, a retail business has its data dispersed across multiple systems and in different formats that do not automatically interpolate, it might be held back from improving inventory management and sales.

SnapLogic's technology connects these systems, such as the online store and Point Of Sale (POS) system, allowing them to communicate seamlessly while also enabling the extraction of data, transforming it into a common format that is suitable for analysis. 

"Decision Inc. Australia has a proven record of supporting clients as they modernise their businesses, and we look forward to helping their clients integrate their systems with ease," says Uma Dubey, APAC Head of Channel and Alliances, SnapLogic.

"Amid rapid transformation, it's easy to see how some businesses can end up with multiple systems and applications that are challenging to integrate. Our technology not only solves this issue, but it also empowers Decision Inc.'s experts to help clients effortlessly extract insights from their data, no matter where that data may rest."

Utilising SnapLogic's solution means that local businesses can tap into a scalable solution that can grow to accommodate evolving customer needs. Customers can also be put at ease knowing that their data is being managed with the highest levels of compliance.

This news from Decision Inc. comes after the company announced last year its partnership with AI and hyper-automation provider

The company has a suite of products that make it easier to carry out operations and foster greater productivity. Its offerings also generate significant ROI for consumers and providers within the supply chain, freight and logistics domain.

"The retail, FMCG and the food and drink sectors face significant headwinds driven by inflation and mounting supply chain issues and are looking at ways to remove manual processes and human error to protect their margins," adds Heke.

"'s approach to hyper-automation allows our clients to do so quickly, with easy-to-implement solutions; we're talking in a matter of weeks and months."