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DBC2 & BrainStorm Software in strategic AI-focused partnership
Tue, 12th Dec 2023

DBC2, a highly regarded marketing agency with an automotive aftermarket industry focus, has announced an important strategic partnership with technology experts BrainStorm Software. Their first formal engagement since mutual talks at the Auto Care event in Brisbane is a major stepping stone for both businesses.

The newfound collaboration, apart from giving birth to a strong professional relationship between the two, has led to the launch of a joint webinar on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Offering unparalleled perspectives on AI technology from technological and marketing standpoints, the webinar displayed how seamlessly both organisations work together.

Dale Brittain, the Founder and Managing Director of DBC2, recognised the significant potential in the collaboration with BrainStorm, particularly in their expertise in AI technologies. Mr Brittain highlighted the strategic decision to integrate AI into their business and provide technical support for clients through this partnership.

Dale Brittain also underscored DBC2's dedication to remaining at the forefront of technological innovation, emphasising how this collaboration strengthens their ongoing efforts to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

"We have engaged with BrainStorm to bring AI into our business and have the technical support on hand for our clients," Mr Dale Brittain stated. He also emphasised his company's ongoing commitment to leading technological innovation, seeing this partnership as reinforcing DBC2's enduring efforts to stay ahead of the digital curve.

BrainStorm, currently engrossed in crafting AI technologies to meet specific business demands, is supplying DBC2 and its clients with unprecedented solutions.

Ty Osborne, Founder and CEO of BrainStorm Software, expressed his excitement about this collaboration. He said, "We are looking forward to supporting DBC2. It has been great working with DBC2 on the recent webinar; they are a really professional company, and we are proud to share our knowledge on technology with them and their customers."

From his previous experience predicting the rise of the internet, Brittain recognises the importance of adopting state-of-the-art technologies. Reminiscing about how he was laughed off stage years ago at a conference for forecasting the significance of the internet, he strongly feels that embracing new technology is key. Sharing his sentiments, Osborne looks forward to a productive partnership that's mutually rewarding.

"Many years ago, I spoke at a conference about how the internet would be the place to be for companies in the future, and I was laughed off the stage," Dale Brittain recalled. "I believe it is important to embrace new technology, and Ty (Osborne) and I share this passion.

"I believe it will be a great partnership benefiting both of us moving forward," he concluded. 

The integration of expertise from DBC2 and BrainStorm Software symbolises an effective blend of technology and marketing skills, primed to introduce ground-breaking tech solutions to the automotive aftermarket industry.