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DataMesh Group partners with Novatti for payment offering
Wed, 21st Dec 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

DataMesh Group has partnered with Novatti to provide the company's broad client base with card-present payment offerings.

DataMesh Group's range of payment products will help Novatti onboard new customers with benefits such as rapid access to new and emerging payment types, the latest in Android-based payment terminals, real-time transaction data, and product-level data insights.

The card terminal solution is completely integrated and forms part of Novatti's centralised commerce offering, which connects merchants to online and face-to-face payments through a single platform.

Merchants will be able to offer a mix of traditional payment methods such as credit cards, direct debit and alternative payments, including Alipay and WeChat Pay.

"We are excited to partner with a trusted payment company by providing their clients with a world-class payment application solution, embedded in the latest Android-based terminals, which provides them with a personalised end-customer journey," says Mark Nagy, CEO, DataMesh.

"Our belief is that financial processes shouldn't get in the way of the merchant doing business and focusing on the customer experience in-store."

"This partnership will add to our multi-acquirer capabilities, giving merchants more options and peace of mind when it comes to their transactions."

DataMesh Group developed a capability to automatically apply least cost routing (LCR) technology within Australia's debit card payment system for its customers in 2020.

LCR allows for the best economic outcome for merchants on contactless (tap-and-go) debit card payments by sending them through the debit network that costs the least to accept.

It enables a debit payment to be uniquely "flagged" as a specific debit card transaction and sent to the lowest-cost debit network, resulting in the lowest-cost fee structure for the merchant.

Without LCR, the transaction is sent to the default debit network programmed on the customer's card, which may not be the lowest-cost debit network, resulting in higher transaction costs for merchants.

DataMesh's software can read the card/phone/watch, decipher whether it's a debit or credit payment and attach the relevant message to the transaction before it's sent to eftpos via the acquirer (potentially any bank), which has awarded the transaction the applicable fee structure.

Merchants are then charged the lowest payment fees on debit transactions.

"It's clear that face-to-face payments is a critical piece of the Novatti payment ecosystem as Australia has one of the highest penetrations of payment terminal devices and usage of contactless payments globally," says Kian Jackson, General Manager of Merchant Acquiring, Novatti says.

"Our partnership with DataMesh Group puts Novatti in a unique position offering merchants one platform and connecting online and face-to-face payments in one system through unified commerce."