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Data Army & Hightouch team up to transform data solutions
Tue, 2nd Apr 2024

Data Army, an Australian data consultancy in the realm of advanced data solutions, has announced forging a strategic partnership with Hightouch, a Composable Customer Data Platform. This alliance aims to offer Australian businesses novel solutions for activating audiences and other customer data points directly from their organisation's data warehouse, elevating customer service to another echelon through personalisation and a distinctive omnichannel experience.

Data Army, specialising in cloud technology and the modern data stack, offers considerable expertise in designing and implementing cutting-edge data solutions. The company's alliance with Hightouch merges their expertise with Hightouch's pioneering platform that practically turns the data warehouse into action. This collaboration is a part of Data Army's long-term commitment to delivering advanced and effective data solutions to the clientele.

Accentuating the significance of this collaboration, Michael Ogilvie, Director at Data Army, said, "This partnership marks a milestone in our commitment to providing clients with the most advanced and effective data solutions. Hightouch's innovative customer data platform aligns seamlessly with our mission to elevate the standard of data-driven excellence. Together, we can deliver optimum client outcomes, leveraging the combined strengths of Data Army's expertise and Hightouch's cutting-edge technology."

The Hightouch platform is utilised by modern organisations aiming to transcend beyond analytics and equipping business teams with instant access to customer, product, and organisational data for delivering exceptional customer experiences. As cloud-native companies continuously invest in cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, BigQuery, and Redshift, Hightouch's platform enables everyone within an organisation to activate their data at scale. This platform also syncs data from any data warehouse into the tools that a business operates on, empowering employees to explore customer data without any engineering effort and synchronise it into marketing, advertising, sales, and customer success tools.

Co-founder and Co-CEO of Hightouch, Kashish Gupta, remarked, "There's a massive shift towards the cloud data warehouse as the single source of truth across an organisation. All teams need the infrastructure and tools to use this data, and we're excited to partner with Data Army to address the growing demand to manage and activate customer data at scale."

Serving as Hightouch's first wholly Australian-owned and based partner, Data Army will deploy its proficient team of consultants and industry experts to facilitate customer data platform implementations, thereby managing and activating customer data at scale. The strategic cooperation also extends to the design and creation of customer 360 projects leveraging Hightouch as the activation layer on the cloud data warehouse.