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Back in style: Virtual try-on tech making waves on social media
Tue, 7th Dec 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Virtual try-on tech has become the latest trend to hit the global online shopping market, with one platform reporting almost half a million outfits tried on in one week.

This week, new online try-on technology Zyler saw thousands of new users post their outfit styling online, with many sharing their posts on Instagram and Facebook.

Created by image-processing specialists Anthropics Technology, Zyler can be used directly on retailer websites or by users through the Zyler swipe app, which is where a large majority of the social media impact has arisen.

The technology allows customers to see themselves in outfits without visiting physical stores, which is a valuable tool for retailers and customers during times of COVID-19 uncertainty.

Users provide a profile picture and basic measurements, and the Zyler technology offers a personalised shopping and browsing experience. They can also fine-tune their visualisation using sliders to adjust different body proportions to make it as realistic as possible.

While many major retailers have adopted try-on technology for sizing purposes in an effort to prevent an influx of online returns, the demand is now shifting to style based technology so users can fully visualise and filter their outfit choice.

Until now, people have often seen themselves in images of models that approximate their own body dimensions as an avatar. This platform doesn't allow users to see what they would look like in the outfits themselves.

Zyler customers can now use the technology to see themselves in the outfits they wish to buy on their body shape before committing to a purchase and enjoy the process along the way.

Anthropics Technology CEO Alexander Berend says that ease of use and allowing full customisation options are key ways to engage customers.

"There is an addictive quality to scrolling through styles on you, seeing if the next one is the one you fall in love with.

"Zyler only needs model images to generate visualisations with no scans or additional photoshoots so retailers can offer whole collections for try-on easily."

He says having a safe space to explore options and enjoy browsing can make shopping a more pleasurable experience and help users feel more in control.

"We've created a new experience by making virtual try-on fun, easy, beautiful and risk-free. People are loving it and we're excited to see where this goes."

Anthropics Technology is a UK based company with 20 years working in photo software development. Some of their other software includes PortraitPro, PortraitPro Body, LandscapePro and Smart Photo Editor.