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Australians remain apprehensive of AI, yet acknowledge eCommerce potential
Mon, 30th Oct 2023

New research from Bazaarvoice indicates that while most Australians haven't used any Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen-AI) tools, they are not fully averse to the idea. However, a majority are concerned about the potential implications of companies utilising the technology.

The study reveals that only 37% of Australians have interacted with generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, Bing or Bard, in the past half year. Another 13% express interest in these tools but haven't yet used them, while a significant 50% have neither used nor plan to use such tools soon.

Of those who have engaged with Gen-AI, the feedback is mostly positive, with 57% expressing willingness to use it again. However, only 15% express unreserved trust in this form of AI. In contrast, 32% retain a preference for human-generated content and another 36% advocate for human oversight of the AI's performances.

Only a small percentage of consumers, 10%, have used AI image generators like Dall-E 2 or Midjourney within the last six months. This figure is among the lowest when compared to data from other surveyed countries including the USA, Canada, France, and Germany.

Though the unease continues, consumers seem more willing to embrace AI assistance in some scenarios. Nearly seven out of ten Australians see potential advantages in using AI to author online reviews and are amenable to the concept.

This openness may stem from the fact that a considerable number of consumers, 29%, struggle in determining what information is most useful to others in a review, while 40% confess to not always knowing the best way to articulate their experiences with a product or service. Nearly eight in ten consumers, or 76%, admit to abandoning a review because they didn't know how to write it.

There is also some consumer openness regarding AI in marketing content, with 58% of Australian consumers reporting neutrality towards AI-generated advertisements. However, the importance of human involvement is evident when it comes to trust, with only 13% stating that they would trust a website allowing for completely AI-generated reviews.

Over 40% of consumers express greater trust in companies that have implemented measures against fully AI-generated content in reviews. An additional 36% state that such protections would sway their opinion. This aligns with the views of 46% who fear that AI can be exploited to generate false reviews, with 43% expressing concerns over AI-generated fake reviews.

Bazaarvoice's Managing Director at APAC, Kate Musgrove, asserts that while the use of generative AI by Australians is growing, there continue to be concerns regarding trust, stressing that AI should improve review quality, but should not be used to replace the authentic voices of consumers.