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Adobe's GenStudio: The future of personalised content at scale
Fri, 13th Oct 2023

In a recent interview, Amit Ahuja, VP of Experience Cloud Platform and Products at Adobe shed light on the company's latest offering, GenStudio. The platform aims to address the growing need for personalisation at scale, offering a comprehensive solution that integrates planning, content creation, activation, and analytics.

"Personalisation at scale is just a very simple concept, which says, I'm a brand, I'm an agency, whatever it might be, I want to find a way to actually drive real one-to-one personalisation with my customers," Ahuja explained. GenStudio is designed to help brands achieve this by providing a "full circle perpetuating cycle" that addresses the entire content supply chain.

The Four Pillars of GenStudio

GenStudio is built on four key modules. The first focuses on planning and workflow, helping brands understand "how content gets created" and offering visibility into "the efficiency and the spend." The second module is about content creation and production, leveraging Adobe's GenAI technology to empower both creatives and non-creatives. The third module, called activation and delivery, aims to centralise branded assets, offering "one level of visibility" to marketing teams. The fourth module deals with reporting and analytics, answering questions about efficiency, usage, and performance.

Democratizing Content Creation

One of the most significant aspects of GenStudio is its ability to democratise content creation across an organisation. "The big change here, which we're really excited about, is we think GenAI can help not just the creators... but also help non-creatives," Ahuja said. This is particularly important for brands that have centralised creative production teams but also need to empower local or regional teams to create content that resonates with their specific audiences.

Meeting the Needs of Various Organisations

GenStudio is not just for large enterprises. Ahuja noted that even smaller companies face the same challenges around content creation and personalisation. "I even have fewer creative resources than the big company. So maybe I have one or two people. I want to make that person more effective," he said.

Common Themes Among Early Adopters

According to Ahuja, early adopters of GenStudio have a few things in common. Firstly, they lacked a standardised process for content creation. Secondly, they were looking for tools to help them understand their existing content assets. Lastly, they wanted to decentralise content creation but within brand-safe parameters.

The Future of GenStudio

When asked about the future, Ahuja hinted at the further integration of GenAI into GenStudio, particularly through Adobe Express. "You can go today into Express and say, 'Hey, I want to take this brand template, change, show me a bunch of different options based on this prop for the background image because I'm running this in Brazil.' That is GenAI," he elaborated.

GenStudio is Adobe's comprehensive answer to the complex challenges of modern digital marketing. With its focus on personalisation at scale, the platform is set to revolutionise how brands think about and execute their content strategies.