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Accent Group chooses Amperity's CDP for omnichannel optimisation
Wed, 13th Dec 2023

Retail conglomerate Accent Group has adopted Amperity's customer data platform (CDP) solution in a bid to reboot its marketing technology stack. Accent Group, the entity behind acclaimed brands like Skechers, Athlete's Foot, Platypus Shoes, and Hype, has embarked on the path of digital transformation with a heightened focus on optimising its omnichannel retail experience.

The move was announced on December 12, 2023, marking a significant shift in Accent Group's first-party customer data strategy. The conglomerate, which holds a leading position in the omnichannel retail sphere for the Apparel and Footwear lifestyle and performance market across Australia and New Zealand, has chosen Amperity as the data foundation infusing its marketing efforts with new energy.

Operating over 800 stores and boasting a swathe of more than 34 brands, Accent Group sought a versatile solution to amalgamate and handle multiple data sources across different brands. Collaborating with Amperity, Accent Group plans to integrate and manage the customer data from multiple online and offline touchpoints to deliver personalisation on an unprecedented scale.

"We strive to provide exceptional customer experiences across all of our brands, which requires a CDP that delivers on the promise of unifying all online and offline customer data and making it actionable," commented Deena Colman, Group General Manager Digital & Marketing at Accent Group. According to Colman, through its partnership with Amperity, Accent Group can merge and activate all customer data, thereby paving the way for a personalised, omnichannel customer journey.

First-party data strategy will allow brands to understand their customers throughout their lifecycle, as noted by Colman. Utilising Amperity's patented artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Accent Group aims to utilise enterprise-scale identity resolution, thus creating unified customer profiles. This will in turn help deliver audience segmentation and insights for creative campaigns, such as retargeting, lookalike initiatives, and suppression campaigns.

Billy Loizou, Area Vice President at Amperity, highlighted that Accent Group's decision to use its AI-driven platform testifies to the conglomerate's commitment to centring its strategy around customers, which starts with a clean and accurate data foundation. "The reality is not all CDPs are created equal. We're honoured Accent Group has chosen our AI-driven platform to help them scale their personalisation efforts and optimise marketing spend," he added.